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Club Awards December 2018

Artefact of the Month : 13th c. Horse harness pendant with nice remains of gilding and complete hanging loop. Depicting a small lion advancing right. Found by Bob B.

Coin of the Month : Roman high silver content radiate of Marcus Cassianius Latinius POSTUMOUS, military commander under Gallienus. Emperor of the Gallic Empire 260 - 269.

His coinage was of high quality and relative abundance, though this example is slightly struck off centre. Found by Mike T.

Find of the Month : Roman patera handle fragment. A bronze saucepan used as sacrificial bowls for incence or holy water. This shows fancy decor and enamel remains, so probably religious use. Found by Adrian J.

Eyes Only - non metallic : Plastic Handcuffs, found by Kevin F. ( No image !)

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