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Recording with PAS



All our finds over 300 years old are recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme. The PAS is run by the British Museum on behalf of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council and works through 33 principal partners which employ staff and many more local partners which contribute to each of the posts. There is a network of over 30 Finds Liaison Officer posts, based in museums and County Councils throughout England and Wales, six National Finds Advisers and a small team at the British Museum. The data gathered by the Scheme is recorded and published on an internet database (


aims and objectives

The Portable Antiquities Scheme is a partnership project which records archaeological objects found by the public in order to advance our understanding of the past.

In order to do this the Scheme.....

  • Promotes the maximum public interest and benefit from the recovery, recording and research of portable antiquities;

  • Promotes best practice by finders/landowners and archaeologists/museums in the discovery, recording and conservation of finds made by the public

  • In partnership with museums and others, raises awareness among the public, including young people, of the educational value of recording archaeological finds in their context and facilitate research in them

  • Creates partnerships between finders and museums/archaeologists to increase participation in archaeology and advance our understanding of the past

  • Supports the Treasure Act, and increase opportunities for museums to acquire archaeological finds for public benefit.



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