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Club Awards June 2018

AOM : A denarius type Roman coin of Allectus (C mint) c.293-296

Allectus was a Roman-Britannic usurper-emperor in Britain and northern Gaul. Usurper is a term used to describe an illegal claimant to the throne without securing "the consent of the governed."

Carausius was assassinated by his subordinate Allectus. Allectus himself was killed in the battle, having removed all insignia in the hope that his body would not be identified. Archaeology suggests that Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester) was the site of his defeat. {source Wikipedia}

Found by Vince B.

COM : Elizabeth I The silver three-farthing (​3⁄4d) coin, was introduced in Queen Elizabeth I's third and fourth coinages (c.1561-1582), as part of a plan to produce large quantities of coins of varying denominations and high metal content. {source Wikipedia}

Found by Vince B.

FOM : Carolingian Strap Belt fitting

The Carolingian Empire (c.800 – 888) was a large empire in western and central Europe during the early Middle Ages. {source Wikipedia}

Found by Frank R.

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