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Club Awards August 2018

AOM : Roman Oval Brooch, with dark coloured stone setting, 2nd century - to be verified. Found by Kevin F.

AOM Roman Oval Brooch

COM : Sterling imitation Penny - Guy of Dampierre, Count of Flanders. 1278 - 1304.

Found by Bob B.

Guy of Dampierre (Dutch: Gwijde van Dampierre) (c. 1226 – 7 March 1305, Compiègne) was the Count of Flanders (1251–1305) and Marquis of Namur (1268–1297). He was a prisoner of the French when his Flemings defeated the latter at the Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302

(Source : Wikipedia)

Sterling imitation penny, Guy of Dampierre

FOM : Heraldic Harness Pendant, depicting three circles and with hanging loop intact. Medieval.

Found by Adrian J.

Heraldic Pendant

EYES ONLY ... New Award ... Non metallic item

Decorated Clay Pipe - broken stem but bowl generally intact.

Found by Paul C.

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